Where to Start with Trick Horse Training

The ideal place to start is with Enhanced Foal training and your own foal. If that is not possible, a weanling that has been well socialized with both humans and other horses is a good choice.


Because horses are a precocial species, they are born neurologically mature or in other words, ready and able to learn. Horses are born knowing how to be horses. The formative first years of young horses' lives are best spent becoming productive partners in the world of humans, where they will live.    


Visit the Enhanced Foal Training section for more information and the Photo Gallery for examples of what our young horses can learn to do.


You are only limited by your own Imagination!

Almost any horse can do it!


  Inquisitive horses

  A horse that offers behaviors in an attempt to manipulate their world or circumstances

  A horse that uses objects to attract attention

  A horse that will look at you with both eyes

  A horse with a sense of humor

  Houdinis of the horse world


We raise our own but have successfully Trick Trained many breeds and ages.

In addition to the mental requirements that we have outlined most moves require that a horse be sound in body. Tricks are usually taught in association with a pedestal so it is necessary that a horse be able to mount a pedestal at least with the front feet.

There are five different areas of trick training. A commonly asked question is "Where to Start"?

The answer is to simultaneously begin several areas this way you can move back and forth from subject matter to keep the horse from becomming bored. Also each move is the basis for an upcoming move so all are linked together in teaching and meaning to the horse. 


Tricks of Trust or Compliance-obeisance, bow, kneel, lie down, sit up and sit down. (The Fundamentals I & II

Liberty Schooling-( Liberty I & II )  

Tricks of Engagement-Rolling/herding the big ball, retrieving  the small ball, cap or frisbee, salute, smile (Shaping Behaviors I & II )

Tricks of Gait-Spanish walk and various marching steps

(Spanish walk )

Pedestal Training-perhaps THE most beneficial area of all

(Pedestal training) as the pedestal serves as the horse's place or mark and re-directs some natural instincts.     


Visit the Photo Gallery for some examples of what is possible if you just Imagine!