Trick Horse and Liberty Training 

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Allen Pogue developed Enlightened Trick Horse Training nearly 40 years ago. It combines Classical elements with applied behavioral principles and has earned praise with all levels of expertise: from newcomers and experienced hands throughout the field of horsemanship as well as from PhDs in animal ethology. The learning path, if followed, guarantees success!


Imagine A Horse goes light years beyond the simple mechanics  of "how" and illuminates the "whys" of the benefit to the horse. It really is all about the horse! This is an incremental program designed with success in mind for folks new to horses and long time professionals as well. You choose where and how to start and even proceed through Imagine a Horse on-line School!





Imagine A Horse Team
Allen Pogue creator of Imagine a Horse and Elk Hasan

Allen is truly the Maestro of Trick and Liberty Training!

Enjoy his performance