Trick Horse and Liberty Training 

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Allen Pogue developed Enlightened Trick Horse Training nearly 40 years ago. It combines Classical elements with applied behavioral principles and has earned praise with all levels of expertise: from newcomers and experienced hands throughout the field of horsemanship as well as from PhDs in animal ethology. This means YOUR learning path, if followed, guarantees success!


Imagine A Horse goes light years beyond the simple mechanics  of "how" and illuminates the "whys" and the benefits to the horse. It really is all about the horse! This is an incremental program designed with success in mind for folks new to horses and long time professionals as well. You choose where and how to start and even proceed through Imagine a Horse on-line School and certification!



Imagine A Horse Team
Allen Pogue creator of Imagine a Horse and Elk Hasan

What do you need to get started?



Most important is a horse or a few. It does not matter where the horse is in training nor what problems he is believed to have. Almost any horse can learn Tricks and Liberty.


Teaching Area

Consider your area of “influence.” If you can easily influence the horse’s movement with your body or a whip, great. If not, your area will be too large to easily gain the horse’s full attention. Approximately 16 feet from a horse is our usual preference.


A round pen will work, and we prefer a small one, 45 feet diameter. But the smaller the better. Having said that, use what you have available.


A square pen or corral, the smaller the better. A square pen is our preference to begin Liberty Training as it is the best place to teach inside turns. This means the horse makes a turn and does not turn his butt toward you but turns toward you with his eyes on you.


Pedestal or mat

It is most efficient and conducive to learning for the horse if you have a pedestal. If you cannot build or purchase one, a stall mat can be substituted.  


Horse treats and treat pouch

We use a variable reward system that is effective and motivational to the horse and is designed to prevent and even cure mugging. 

The smaller treat, the more effective it will be. Breaking or cutting large treats including carrots or apples may work for you. Be flexible. 

Use a treat pouch instead of your pockets. 


Head gear

Use whatever you prefer for handling your horse on the ground. We like to have 2 leads available a 12 foot and a longer one, up to 22 feet.


Horse Friendly Guider Whips

It is often required to touch a horse to help him understand the move or action you have asked for. Learning is expedited with a Guider as it gives a gentle and understandable cue. It cannot sting him even if you try!


Horse Toys and props

As you progress you may want to teach the Retrieve and even the Sit Down. In our store, you will find Horse Tuff props such as Bean Bags, Big Balls and Frisbees with pick up tabs.


Learning Courses

We have many learning options for you and your horse(s). Video downloads, E Books, The Trick Horse Companion book which is our course guide for Trick Training Camps. 



We are happy to support you with individual coaching as well if you will contact us. We welcome you phone calls, emails and texts.


We hope to inspire you to IMAGINE what is possible with your horse!

Allen is truly the Maestro of Trick and Liberty Training!

Enjoy his performance