Horse Friendly Guider Whips

The ONLY Horse Friendly and Humane Guider Whip available -

ONLY from Imagine a Horse!


When working with a horse, it is often necessary to guide or touch him. An accurate TOUCH, a GUIDING TOUCH requires a precision tool. There was no such tool on the market so Allen designed a Horse Friendly Guider and we are proud to say they are made in the USA. Little did Allen know back in engineering school that he would be designing guider whips!

This is the BEST tool in our entire Trick Training box!


Allen rewrote the definition of Whip...It is a GUIDER! It doesn't "whip", it doesn't "sting" is a touch tool. Developed for a clear signal with NO intimidation. 


  The ONLY Guider available-right here!



  • Large weave, soft nylon 
  • Drop is extra soft and fluffy for a feather-like touch 
  • Foam ball at the end for a guiding touch or tap
  • Handle is padded and extra-long so you can vary your grip 
  • Shaft is semi-stiff to enable a clear signal without a sting
  • Soft foam ball can be used to tap or for target training
  • Made in the USA

Sizes and specialized use-

Lengths are 39, 48 and 60” each designed for accuracy.


39 inch is a dressage length guider and is a versatile tool. Ride with it, guide with it up close to your horse before you add distance when cueing a move. 


48 inch is perfect for either in-hand work or beginning liberty training, precision as your horse begins to respond to cues farther away.


60 inch is specifically designed for liberty schooling. Guide your horse through patterns and tricks from a distance. 


Sue’s favorite guider is the 39 inch guider. She rides with it and uses it for coaching the Spanish Walk and finds it really handy in guiding her miniature horses.


Allen’s favorite guider is the 48 inch. He uses it to guide and signal his liberty horses. 


Compare our guiders to off the shelf whips, sticks and tools -

  • Most whips ARE designed to whip, scare or intimidate a horse-
  • Stock handling sticks are just that….designed for “stock” animals, not domestic horses. Call it a carrot if you like but it is still a STOCK stick.
  • Shafts are designed to deliver a sting.
  • Snaps are designed to sting.

We strongly believe that pain or punishment is always counter productive and does not belong in horse training, especially Trick Horse Training that enables a horse to show his brilliance.


Allen explains use and engineering of Horse Friendly Guider Whips

Horse Friendly Guider

39" Dressage length Guider


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48" Horse Friendly Guider


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60" Horse Friendly Guider


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All three Guiders

Save $15 when you purchase all three Guiders-39" 48" 60" 


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