.                       Miniature Size Beanbags Now on sale $70 (shipping included)

Miniature Size Beanbag. 6 cu. ft

Available in Hunter Green  the fabric is washable and extremely durable. Our design has been tested for toughness over years of use with thousands of horses. Two layers of Ballistic nylon, 1680 denier with triple sewn seams and the inside layer is coated with pvc to be a moisture barrier. Shipped without filling, please email or call Allen for filling instructions. 505-479-1145 or imagineahorse@yahoo.com

Shipping in US is included in price.


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Horse Tuff Bean Bags-for Full-size Horses or Ponies

Bean Bags sized for adult horse. Available only in red  .

Custom-made for Imagine a Horse with the toughest 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon covers with a waterproof PVC inner coating.

The seams are triple stitched and the extra-heavy marine zipper and velcro closure makes refilling easy.

These  bean bag covers are made for horses to our exacting specifications. There are no beanbags available anywhere in the world that even come close. Allen 'invented' this trick over twenty years ago and now it has grown in popularity. In fact at the last Mustang Makeover in Ft. Worth in 2023 five out of ten of the finalist used this trick in their freestyle. 


Why a Bean Bag?

It is shaped for a horse's body, it is a target for the horse, it protects the horse's hocks and makes getting up less stressful.


Shipped without filling. 

Instructions for filling included. You can get the recycled styrofoam filling for free if you are creative. 


Please contact Allen if you need help filling or refilling yours, 505-479-1145.


Price includes shipping in the USA.





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Professional Treat Pouch

Treat Pouch

Almost indestructable! Clips on jeans pocket or belt. When you take it off, your clothes do not smell like horse cookies! Shipping is included.


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Horse Tuff inflatable balls, Reintroducing at the sale price of $169 (plus $15 shipping)


Horse Tuff Big Balls are made of the toughest fabric cover available 



Covers are nearly indestructible 500 denier polyester.


The replaceable bladders are the most durable bladders available. 


Comes with an inflate nozzle/blowgun that attaches to a standard air compressor hose AND an instructional DVD with complete instructions to teach a horse to control and retrieve the Big Ball. Imagine a Horse is the only instructional method available to teach the retrieval of the Big Ball.


$184 which includes shipping



Made in USA


We suggest you do not leave horses unattended with a ball-i

t is designed and intended as a learning aid


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Imagine a Horse Frisbees

Frisbees have a heavy duty 3" wide polyester webbing tab for the horse to grip.

The tab is hand sewn to the frisbee.

Shipping is included. 


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Trick Horse Companion

Complete Bible of Trick and Liberty Training.

Shipping included in price.


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