Trick Horse Companion

Winner -  best training book at International Equus Film Festival, 2023!

The most detailed and comprehensive academic work on the science and art of Trick Horse training ever published.


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Tricks Aren’t Just Fun - They Create a Fantastic Equine Partner!


 The Trick Horse Companion  is this step-by-step guide that features over 300 full color photographs. Learn how to teach your equine buddies amazing new skills that will delight any audience; whether around the barn or on the stage.


Applying their time-tested methods of “Enlightened Trick Training”, Allen Pogue and wife, Suzanne De Laurentis demonstrate an easy-to-follow program that offers step by step instruction to insure progress. Get the same results with your horse that they get with theirs.


"The Trick Horse Companion" goes light years beyond just the mechanics of "how" to train tricks and adds the "why" and benefits to the horse.


“The Trick Horse Companion” teaches six major categories of Trick and Liberty Training.


• Pedestal Training — the Pedestal gives the horse his own safe place, a base where he is ready for further instruction.


• Tricks of Trust include the Obeisance or Circus Bow, the Bow, Kneel and Lie Down. These are moves what help to develop total and complete trust in his handler. 


• Tricks of Engagement include retrieving an object such as a Frisbee, flag or cap. A horse learns to willingly engage with his handler. Tricks of Engagement create a can-do attitude that develops into a want-to-do work ethic.


• Tricks of Agility include the Salute (Jambette), the Rear and Hind Leg Walk, the Sit Up and Sit Down.


• Tricks of Gait include amplifications of natural movement as simple as an extended trot or as advanced as the Spanish Walk. 


• Liberty Training is the ultimate expression of Enlightened Trick Horse Training. The horses respond to the handler’s cues without any attachments. 


Advance Rave Reviews...

“Sue and Allen’s Enlightened Trick Horse Training is the first trick-training method that both honors the horse’s intelligence and individuality.”

—Susana Gibson, Founder and Publisher, trailBLAZER magazine


“I have worked with Sue and Allen for many years and have filmed segments for my Speaking

of Horses TV Show with them. They are professional trainers whose work I highly recommend!.”

–Wayne Williams

Speaking of Horses” TV and Radio


Hardcover, 242 pages, over 300 full-color photographs. Copies can be personalized (signed) if desired. 


About The Authors

Allen created the Imagine a Horse methods nearly 40 years ago. Trick Horse Companion was planned and designed as a course guide for training camps.


The fun and comprehensive training philosophy is designed to increase the intelligence, adaptability and predictability of today’s companion horse. Their focus is on teaching horse lovers how to build an interactive relationship with their horses to create a bond that most horse owners only dream of.


Their horses, methods and philosophy have been featured worldwide in the finest equine publications. Allen and Sue appeared as clinicians and entertainment at major horse expos for over a decade.


Trick Horse Companion is THE bible of Trick and Liberty Training.