Trick Horse Training

Enlightened Trick Training develops the intelligence, adaptability and predictability of the Companion Horse.


Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Trick Horse Training is that it gives the horse an acceptable outlet for self expression and the handler a way to solicit the individuality of each horse.


Trick Training increases a horse's ability to focus and confidence.


With a mature horse, Pedestal Training is the logical first step. It gives the horse a place to go to, a home base from which he can go on to learn many more moves while his feet are anchored. Quiet feet equal a quiet mind.


Shaping Behaviors is using behaviors a horse does naturally (or has been taught) and building upon these. Shaping Behaviors develops the trainer's ability to recognize and develop a horse's individual personality.


Liberty Training teaches a horse to work either separately or in unison with other horses as he executes tricks, high school moves or complex patterns without the support of a lead line.


Tricks of Trust include the Obesiance, Kneel, Bow and the Lay Down. In this case "Trust" means that the horse learns how to "agree to be agreeable" and be confident in his handler.


Tricks of Gait include the Spanish Walk, The Rear and Hindleg Walk and other "High School" moves.