Trick Horse Training

Here is what is possible if you only IMAGINE!

Enlightened Trick Training makes a horse more intelligent, adaptable and predictabile.


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The most compelling aspect of Trick Horse Training, in OUR opinion is it gives the horse an acceptable outlet for self expression and the handler a way to develop the individuality of each horse.


Trick Training increases a horse's ability to focus and his confidence. Most horses respond really well because the steps are small, and each try is rewarded within a Variable Reward System that prevents and can even cure mugging. If a horse responds incorrectly or goes through what we call a "post learning dip" it is very easy to go back a few steps and recover the desired behavior. We have all experienced post learning dips; you knew it yesterday but today the problem just doesn't "add up."


Where to start? With any category that interests your or you believe will interest your horse! Need help deciding? 

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Pedestal Training gives the horse a place to go to, a home base where he is rewarded and can go on to learn many more moves while his feet are anchored. Quiet feet equal a quiet mind. 


Shaping Behaviors is using behaviors a horse does naturally or has been taught then build upon these and develops the trainer's ability to recognize and "shape" a behavior.


Liberty Training-a horse to learns simple moves without the support of a lead rope. In ,more advanced Liberty, you may add another horse or multiple horses.


Tricks of Engagement-Retrieve, Objects, herd the Big Ball. The ONLY way a horse can learn these moves is if he wants to ENGAGE with you; it is up to the human to sufficiently motivate the horse to engage.


Tricks of Trust- The Obeisance, Bow, Kneel, Lie Down, Sit Up and Sit Down. "Trust" means the horse learns how to "agree to be agreeable" and be confident in his handler.


Tricks of Gait include the Spanish Walk, The Rear, Hind Leg Walk and other "High School" moves.