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Our library is packed with the largest collection of Trick and Liberty training courses in the world.

This means you have help and support to train literally "every trick in the book!" 


Did you know there are six basic categories of tricks? Trick and Liberty school allows you to work through each category as your horse is gently prepared for each upcoming move by the preceding lessons. 

Allen has engineered lessons and packages to help you work a student horse through the entire school from simple to complex as a complimentary foundation for essentially ANY discipline.


All new Trick Horse and Liberty Horse certifications are coming soon.


Have a horse that is in the midst of Trick or Liberty Training and need a little help moving forward? 

Call or email Allen to discuss your specific needs. or 505-479-1145.


Packages are designed to expedite learning for you and your horse and give you the best VALUE available for your hard earned money. In addition to action oriented yet easy to follow formatting we are including FREE EBooks for each lesson that means you will benefit from more than one learning method.


Allen has a reputation for mentoring folks. He is committed to always being ready to answer your questions, listen to your particular journey and make recommendations. Don't see what you are looking for in our packages? Just ask us for direction. 


Below you will find descriptions for online courses and pricing is available lower on the page.


Imagine a Horse training has proven successful for over 40 years. And as Allen says 'You do not have to run away and join the circus; with a willing horse or two you can have one in your own backyard'.


Trick Training Young Horses 

An Inspirational overview of what is possible!

Visit Allen as he schools 6 young horses through 22 tricks. Not step-by-step instructions but amazing. A unique opportunity to see trick training in real time plus a performance. A wealth of knowledge and real FUN.


Treats as a Training Tool

Food Treats are used in training animals of all species AND can be used effectively and responsibly with horses too! Use food treats AND maintain his good behavior stop mugging.


Features Bobbie Colorado and her dog, Shamus with how-to tips. Use food treats in mounted work and trick training methods that anyone can use.


Shaping Behaviors, 1

The Smile, Salute and herding the Big Ball. Shape natural horse behaviors and the handle's ability to recognize, understand and reward behaviors.

The Smile gives a horse a way solicit attention and interaction. Salute or Jambette is the foundational move for the Spanish Walk. Controlling the Big Ball brings out the herding instinct and increases focus and attention span. Link separate tricks together to create a Behavior Chain.


Shaping Behariors 2

Retrieving Objects and complex Behavior Chains. Shape a horse's natural behaviors and handle's ability to recognize, understand and reward behaviors.


How and Why of Pedestal Training

Benefits a horse psychologically and helps him be confident yet compliant. All species of animals (except traditionally, the horse) are trained using a place or mark. Horses make strong associations between objects and actions which expedites learning. In Pedestal Training “the trick becomes the reward”. Pedestal Training helps with everyday activities- ground tying, trailer loading, veterinary procedures. This is the only place you can learn how it benefits horses! 


The Rear -A Modern, Safe and Original Approach

The Rear is taught as continuation of Pedestal Training stressing safety and attention to the horse’s reliable response. A Climbing Wall helps create strength and balance and turn the Rear into a true gymnastic move.

Novel, simple method with no stress to the horse and how to transfer to mounted work.


Liberty Training 1

Taught as part of a young horse's primary education helps form the foundation for any other discipline.

Foster individuality and encourage team-work, confidence, reliability and self-carriage. Patterns and exercises made easy! 

Liberty 2

Patterns, simple to complex with one horse or entire troupe with circus-style sorting routines. Horses learn to be responsible for their actions, respond reliably as individuals while performing as a team.


Spanish Walk

Features four different horses learning the Spanish Walk. Jambette is the foundational move and is “shaped” as the horse progresses. Logical steps, taught on the ground and easily transferred to saddle work.

Includes the lost art of the Liberty Pole-a well-kept secret of the Spanish.


Tricks of Trust 1

Bow, Kneel, Obeisance or Circus Bow

Tricks of Trust create willing obedience with effective and humane method based on positive reinforcement. Special attention to details for the safety and comfort of the horse.


Tricks of Trust 2

Lay Down, Sit Up, Sit Down.

Never-before shown humane methods with emphasis on handler safety and the comfort of the horse with positive reinforcement. Methods never shown before.


Enhanced Foal Training 1

Give your foal the best possible start in life and start right after Imprinting..

Dr Robert Miller, the author of Imprint Training The Newborn Foal says our results are so remarkable that he would have not thought it possible.Foals "learn how to learn" which will result in a happy, confident and intelligent horse. The best $$$ you will ever spend.


Enhanced Foal Training 2

Best "head start" a young horse can have! 

Age-appropriate challenges and exercises with exciting ideas limited only by your imagination. Raise the most intelligent and willing adolescent possible! 


Foal Training with Imagine a Mini

Start immediately after birth and Imprinting, manage mare and foal together and separately. They will learn quickly and quietly, create fluid forward movement, learn amazing tricks and skills, leverage individuality personality with NO force. Instill good manners, use cues effectively and proper rewards for a foal. Skills transfer to targeting, trailer loading, veterinary treatment, and lots of tricks.


Lady C goes to Trick Horse School

An inspirational day of play with Lady C and Sue. Includes photos of and music by former owner, Sheryl Crow.


Lady C's message is "pure positive". Make learning fun, use your imagination, positive reinforcement and there is NO limit to what your horse can do! 


Harmony and Balance, the Essential Seat

Ride to the conformation of your horse! Real-time lessons with a dozen horses and riders and easy and effective rider fixes for the horse’s conformation. Better than 24 private lessons!