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Achieve new heights in your horse training!


Dripping Springs, Texas. –– Literally and figuratively. The folks at Imagine A Horse have staked their careers on the efficacy of pedestal training equines of every size and temperament. They have helped elevate the careers of many horses and their trainers, using the fundamentals of this effective training tool. There are several designs from basic one horse pedestals to multi-tiered, multiple horse platforms and each design helps to facilitate different moves by the horse. They have made the plans for most of these available on their website and in their book “The Trick Horse Companion”, many have been built by hammer-handy horsemen all over the world. But what if you’re not good with woodworking? Good news! Now you can order a custom built one from a skilled carpenter.


Ron Hahn of Madras, Oregon is building pedestals using the specifications designed and tested by Imagine A Horse’s (IAH) co-owner, Allen Pogue. Ron is a recent graduate of the IAH Trick Camp and has a working knowledge of the construction and use of these pedestals. Basic sizes begin with a 36” square or 24” x 48” rectangular top. They are sturdily built and when cared for will last a lifetime.


Ron says, “I like making these pedestals because it combines two of my favorite interests, woodworking and horses! As soon as I got back from trick training camp, I set to work to make pedestals for my own horses.  Within 3 days, I had finished the first pedestal and had three of our horses standing on it.  Our horses love the challenge and the treats!”


Pedestals usually ship within a week after receiving an order.


They can be painted any color or clear finish.


Why Pedestal Train?

  • It becomes a safe base for a horse, a place of release and relaxation.
  • Horses quickly become willing to stand quietly.
  • Quiet feet on the pedestal equals quiet mind and focus on the trainer.
  • Horse’s physical dexterity is increased.
  • With all four feet up and gathered together naturally, a horse’s posture can improve which can lead to easier collection under saddle.
  • Horses learn to pay attention to both sets of feet and their entire physical bodies.
  • Horses think it’s fun!



Basic styles:

  • Rectangular 24 x 48 inch top start at $350.
  • Square top 36” x 36” top start at $450.

They are made in Oregon, shipping is additional.


For more information on how to order your finished pedestal or to purchase plans to make your own visit this link:


Or email Ron directly at:

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