Wyoming Trail Riding

We left Junie and Lena's on Tuesday and went to Granite Creek on the Hoback River just south of Jackson. BEAUTIFUL place in the Gros Ventre Wilderness. Rode yesterday on a breathtaking trail...looks similar to the Wind Rivers, very dramatic with fabulous views.


We lost the trail in mid afternoon in tall bunch grass. It was very steep and we had to walk the horses a lot...too steep to ride. We finally found the trail in the lower part of a drainage or draw that we thougt would bring us back down close to camp but it as getting dark FAST. The trail took us right through a very large and treacherous beaver pond and since we couldn't see where it came out we did not want to chance being swept away so we went up the side a ways and stayed....yes, all night. We made a fire and it was very cold and damp. I was most grateful for my two piece saddle pad!

Kristi stayed awake all night supplying firewood for us. She did not sleep a wink although her knee was pretty sore. Needless to say it was a very cold night. I was afraid for our dogs which were in the back of the trailer. 

This morning there was a very thick fog which made it almost impossible to see the trail for sometime. Of course we had dropped the GPS...


Somewhere in our long hike. We finally got bqck on the trail...had not gone far when we had to cross a pretty deep beaver pond and of course neither horse wanted to go because we had put them through the wringer yesterday. Kristi waded right across, Elle followd and Boullet took a huge leap into it and almost sank!  


After that we were home in about 45 min....coffee sure tasted great. When we got home it was 9:30 and 43 degrees so it was probably much colder where we were during the night. We were sure happy that we were somewhat prepared as we carry a lot of stuff with us.

Pups were all fine. We lounged around all day resting because we were pretty sore and horses slept most of the day. 

We will probably stay another day and then go on the south side of hwy 191 and go into the Grey's River for a few days. We will let you know.

BTW the dogs were all fine!

Love you all,


The Hoback River, Wyoming
The Hoback River, Wyoming
The Gros Ventre Wilderness
The Gros Ventre Wilderness

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