Have a Ball with Your Horses!

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Ted F. Says: "What a great book! Really! You take people through every aspect, have great pictures and even show readers how to build a pedestal. This should become the main How to Book in the field, and make you and Sue the best known resources in the business."
Thanks Ted!
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    The complete best grille for stallions is timber post and rail grille. In any case, this is tremendously expensive, and don't strain if it's past your fiscal plan. The following best is hot tape. Hot tape is more obvious than wire fence, so stallions are less disposed to screw up into it when they get thrilled.

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    Horses are such a beautiful creatures, they are so humble and loyal you just can't hate this wonderful creature, I have beautiful black jet stallion, cheerful and active horse so love him, always on ride with the horse in evening everyday.

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    These nature of horses seem to chiefly like playing with those giant horse balls like yoga balls, but sturdier or a hard Jolly Ball with a grip.

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    There is a difference between horses accepting the ball and tolerating it. When horses accept the ball, they start learning to play with it. They will push it with their feet and butt it with their noses. About 95 percent of the horses we work with really enjoy moving the ball around but are just not into playing with it.

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    Usually, I organize a festival at London. I have numbers of best team members who act with full of efficient. I also have a pair of two Persian horses I have trained them with the help of this book.

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