An Educated Horse Make an Excellent Trail Buddy

"Just" Trail Riding?

Trail riding safely is one of the most challenging activities any horse and human team can do together. With all the unknowns and unique opportunities to interact with the world at-large every horseman should have a deep understanding of their equine companion in addition to their deep riding seat.

Anyone who has ever trail ridden has, at one time or another, encountered a horse and rider pair that maybe shouldn't have left the farm. You know the ones: the jiggy horses, the ones that won't stand still to be mounted, the nervous ones looking for leadership, and the list goes on.


Tricks can be Very Practical

At Imagine A Horse, we believe that the foundations we teach to accomplish many of our tricks also serve the horse and rider beautifully in all kinds of situations. Consider, a horse that is comfortable stepping up onto a pedestal is halfway towards stepping into a trailer! An equine companion that can easily find focus on his human partner makes an all round safer trail horse, especially during situations that might be more novel than others.


A horse that has been taught the value of staying put until asked to move out will stay still for mounting no matter how different the circumstances are than what he's used to. And just think, a horse that knows how to sit up is going to make mounting in a soft area where there is no mounting block a breeze and look fantastic in the process!


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