Imagine A Horse

Our NEW book

"The Trick Horse Companion"

available right here!


242 page hardback with over 300 full-color photos.


Features step-by-step instructions for everything from the "Smile" to pedestal work, sitting up and down and beautiful Liberty training.


You and your horse will enjoy a whole level of partnership as you grow and learn together!


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The willingness to interact and play shows on the countenance of each of our horses. They enjoy the relationship as much as we do!


Allen Pogue has spent a quarter of a century perfecting the "Enlightened Trick Training methods used here at Imagine A Horse so you can use them to enhance your relationship with your horses.


We dare you to just Imagine what is possible!


Please enjoy this sneak peak at what life is like every single day at the Imagine A Horse Red Horse Ranch ranch.

Imagine A Horse methods increase the intelligence, adaptability and predictability of today's Companion Horse, no matter what your sport! Horses love the challenges and interaction of Trick Horse Training. 


Our lives are devoted to bringing forth the horse's state of nobility and beauty through all we do, with God's help.


When the horse first allowed man on its back, our lot changed forever. The horse eased our struggle for subsistence and furthered our human society so much that it is almost beyond our capacity in this day and age to understand.  


Our love, admiration and desire for the horse may best be summed by this quote from Apocallypse, David H. Lawrence:


"How the horse dominated the mind of the early races!! You were a lord if you had a horse. Far back in our dark soul the horse prances...The symbol of surging potency and the power of movement, of action, in man."


Imagine A Horse is an exciting option for you to forge an outstanding relationship your companion and working horse. 


We welcome your phone calls, emails and of course, visits.


Allen Pogue and Suzanne De Laurentis