Imagine A Mini Training Camp Intensive

April 1 and 2, 2017

Photo: Kate Austin
Photo: Kate Austin

Miniature horses are a whole lot of fun to train! These little guys are whizzes at learning and often catch on faster than their larger more normal sized cousins, the breeds we ride. Minis come equipped with a large sized curiosity and can be very food driven. This makes them especially trainable using the Imagine A Horse positive reinforcement program that highlights the introduction of little treats awarded at key moments in the beginning of the training process.

 Because they are generally bold, plucky and good natured, miniature horses often find themselves in a pickle, as they are always on the lookout for ways to “train” themselves, which as every horse owner knows is a power that can be used to achieve great wonders or substantial naughtiness. Miniature horses are well suited for therapy work and a well trained mini ‘therapist’ is a welcome addition to many therapeutic settings. The same can be said for minis as adorable entertainers. They carry all the magic and mysticism of large horses in compact, very portable bodies.

Photo: Kate Austin
Photo: Kate Austin

In our special two day weekend camp, you’ll learn successful steps to capture and hold the attention of a miniature horse that can then be further shaped to become learned behaviors, responses and actions keyed for practical as well as therapeutic or entertaining purposes. We start small (pardon the pun) and work our way to greatness in easy to comprehend activity modules that focus on trick training techniques honed through decades of applied research and work with horses of every aptitude and size.

List of topics to be covered:

  • How and why of Pedestal Training
  • Retrieving the frisbee, ball and other objects
  • The Bow, Lie Down and Sit Down
  • The Salute
  • Hind Leg Walk
  • Spanish Walk
  • Ground Driving And more

Register on line here. A payment of $250, non refundable, will secure your space with a balance of $325 due before we start (Paypal, cash or check).

You will work with ours and miniature horses from Little America Miniature Horses. You are also welcome to bring your own mini as well, limit one per camp participant please.


When: April 1 and 2, Saturday and Sunday.

Time: We begin breakfast (included) at 8:15am and end at 5:30pm

Where? Imagine A Horse, Red Horse Ranch, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

What to Bring? Students can bring their own mini, but it not necessary , the camp is more about training the student than their horse. 

Included with tuition: Breakfast and lunch, both days. Free mini horse sized beanbag for sitting and relaxing, a set of mini horse-friendly frisbees, and a signed copy of our hardback training manual  " The Trick Horse Companion" which we will use as a course guide. 


Price: $625

Session attendance is limited -  Reserve your space now! ($250 non-refundable deposit payment)

Payments accepted: checks as well as PayPal. Pay here.


Since 2001, Allen Pogue and Sue De Laurentis of Imagine a Horse have brought Enlightened Trick Horse Training around the globe to those seeking a deeper, humane, comprehensible and more interactive experience with their own horses. 

Photo: Kate Austin
Photo: Kate Austin

What Do Others Say?

A recent mini project was a mini donkey named Ben. His owner says: “Ben is the perfect Ambassador for Miniature Donkeys. He is a real star and has appeared on television, performing in opening ceremonies for events, doing parades, playing with physically and mentally challenged youth, and more. He was trained at Imagine A Horse by Allen Pogue. Ben is a hit everywhere he goes and will work for and with anybody.” 


Tony Greaves says: "Trick Horse Camp (another of the IAH offerings) at Imagine a Horse is a wonderful experience.  Sue worked with Andy (Little America's StruttinAnniversary) for a few weeks and included him in the camp to everyone's amazement.  No one attending could believe how far he had progressed in his time with them and were amazed at his 22" height.  If you want to learn from the best, this is the place!  I loved it and so did Andy!"

Big Ben doing his thing.....

Mini Horse/Donkey Trick Camp deposit

non refundable deposit.


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