Watch what our student horses are doing!

Training with a BIG difference starts at Imagine A Horse. Foals, Weanlings, Adult Horses trained to be the best that they can be with our modern methods. What actually works the best for all involved is to let us train you and your horse. Small but important improvements can usually be made in just a few sessions...whether ground work, trick training or mounted work. 


We offer training in a variety of disciplines.

  • Western Riding
  • Horsemanship
  • English Riding
  • Round Pen Skills
  • Ground Manners (mostly for horses but sometimes for people too!), Trick Horse Training
  • Enhanced Foal Training
  • Developing Boldness in Horse and Rider
  • Trail Skills
  • How Horses Think


Your horse learns to behave cooperatively and willingly. We use gentle but effective techniques to clear up the communication channels between horse and human.


Horses are always treated as individuals and we take extra steps to build upon your horse's natural personality and abilities. We use classic methods that are humane, effective and work with your horse's own talents.


In today's quest for performance horses, much is lost in the quest for a true Companion Horse. We believe both elements, Performance and Companionship are possible. When selecting a trainer, judge by what his or her horses do – Let us show you! 


Ground Training for Boldness

In Ground Training for Boldness, we incorporate pedestal work and beginning Trick Horse Training during saddle training. Pedestal work helps to create a cooperative yet bold horse-The horse is the only domestic animal that is generally trained without the use of a place or mark. In our opinion, the horse being a flight animal is the species that benefits the most from using a Pedestal as a place or a mark. We can teach you AND your horse!

Boullet shows off his confidence on the Agility Platform!

Trick Horse Training

We train Trick Horses right here. If you are interested in a Trick Horse or have a horse you would like trained to do amazing things, call us. We can train almost any horse to do awesome things. We can also teach you to teach horses to do amazing things. It's fun to have a horse who likes to engage with you and who can express himself through Trick Training. For more amazing photos please visit

Beau-do you recognize him?
Beau-do you recognize him?

Horses as Trainers-great examples for children!

Annie and Monet sitting
Annie and Monet sitting

Kids love Trick Horses and gain lots of confidence from working with them. The special learning abilities of horses can greatly influence and motivate children to learn new and innovative techniques! Horses are great Trainers!

 To plan an event with our Trick Horses, just contact us.