Training Articles for you to download

A World of Learning for Young Horses
As seen in Trail Blazer Magazine-Seven skills to teach your young horse to prepare her for a lifetime of good behavior.
A World of Learning-Young Horses.pdf
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A World of Learning for Young Horses II
From Trail Blazer Magazine-Even more skills to teach your young horse even years before he is physically mature enough to ride.
A World of Learning -Young Horse II.pdf
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I Didn't think THAT would happen!
From Trail Blazer Magazine-Prepare your horse for the unexpected before you leave for a trip.
I Didn't think THAT would happen..pdf
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Don't Push the Panic Button
It happens to all of us...a PANIC situation that we didn't expect! Some simple ways to cope when you are frozen in the situation.
Don't Push Panic Button.pdf
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Enhanced Foal Training
Enhanced Foal Training, 2012.doc
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How and Why of Pedestal Training
How and Why of Pedestal Training-Text fo
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Make Learning Fun
Article as it was published in Trail Blazer magazine
Make learning Fun.pdf
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It's Not Just Tricks
It's Not Just Tricks-Voice.doc
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The Liberty Pole and Teaching the Spanish Walk
A totally unique article that was published in TrailBlazer magazine
TrailBlazer Pillar article.pdf
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Liberty Training I
Liberty Training I 2012.doc
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Foal training for a headstart in Life
Our totally unique method for training newborn foals
foal training in TrailBlazer.pdf
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How does your Horse learn?
How does your Horse Learn 2012.doc
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Lets Play Ball
Imagineahorse training at its best. Published in Trail Blazer magazine
TrailBlazer ball article.pdf
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The Art of Bosal Training
Hackamore Training-a beginning as appeared in Trail Blazer Magazine
Bosal Training pdf.pdf
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