Pedestals now available!

Ron Hahn of Madras, Oregon is now building pedestals for us. Ron is a recent graduate of our Trick Horse Camp and understands how important construction is. You may contact him personally at


Basic styles to start with are

the square top 36 x 36 inch top at $450.

rectangular 24 x 48 inch top at $350.


Shipping is not included in the price but we can get a shipping estimate for you before you order.

Below are examples of pedestal personalization.

Measured drawings to build your own pedestals

We now have available a set of measured architectural drawings for our rectangular pedestal and photos and instructions (not measured) for variations of many additional pedestal sizes and shapes.


When you order and pay for the instructions, we will send them by return email as quickly as it is possible. We also include the text version of "How and Why of Pedestal Training".    


Pedestals were designed by Allen and are of the construction that we use here at the ranch every single day.


If you would like to build an Agility Platforms (below) email Allen privately for those.  


Here's what you receive-

  • Detailed step-by-step written instructions
  • Professional architectural measured drawings
  • Photos of saw set up
  • After purchase help or advice via our yahoo group or direct email to Allen

Here are some examples of what's possible for pedestal personalization.  

Fiberglass over plywood pedestal set
Fiberglass over plywood pedestal set

Pedestal Construction Instructions

After payment, we will email the drawings to you. If you have any question or problem please email or call us.

Thank you!


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Rafiq on two tier pedestal
Rafiq on two tier pedestal
Boullet on Equine Agility platform
Boullet on Equine Agility platform