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Guider Whips and Lunge Whips
Guider Whips and Lunge Whips

Horse Friendly Whips by Westfield Whip

 Westfield Whip had been making excellent whips for over 100 years! This means they make a quality whip like none other available. 


The extra thick snaps don't sting and the ball on the end allows clear communication through touch! You NOW can speak to your horse with a whole new set of touch cues.


Imagine a Horse and Westfield Whip created these guiders to help bring horse training into the 21st Century!


The 39 inch guider is perfect for riding or close up work such as teaching the Jambette or Pedestal work. The 48 inch and 60 inch guiders can be used in Liberty Training and the 60 inch can do double use in creating a safety zone with untrained stock.


We use these whips every day and Allen has spent years perfecting the design so that you can have truly professional grade and effective tools.


You are going to love these Horse Friendly Whips!!




39" Dressage length Guider Whip

This is Sue's favorite guider! A riding length guider that is beautifully balanced. The weighted end allows precision in your touch whether in ground work or mounted and it won't slip out of your hand. 


In mounted work, it is nice to be able to direct your horse without the irritation of a sting which can cause a horse to flatten out his back. With this amazing guider it's possible to be direct without compromising your collection and impulsion. 


 $35 plus $9.50 shipping in the USA 

 Shipping discounted for multiple whips in one order.




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48 inch Guider Whip

Allen thinks this is the handiest whip in our tool box. We use it for all in-hand, up close training. This is a one of a kind whip in today's horse industry. The ball and snap give the handler a variety of communication options. The snap is extra-thick and thus "Horse Friendly".


$ 35 plus $9.50 shipping in the USA

Shipping discounted for multiple whips in one order. The $9.50 cost is for the basic rate charged by the post office, multiple whips can be placed in the same box for very little more, all excess postage will be refunded. 





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60 inch Liberty Schooling Guider Whip

This is the length that Allen uses when schooling horses at liberty in conjunction with a long lunge whip. It is a well-balanced and highly visible communication tool that provvides a safe working distance from the horse. There is a reason that ALL circus trainers use two whips--you'll see when you try it!


$ 35 plus $9.50 shipping in the USA



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