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Friend: Anna Twinney

International Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer, Anna Twinney, offers what she calls the "Reach Out To Horses" program, a hands-on approach said to allow you to gain insight and understanding into the mind of the horse, learn how to leave the one way conversation behind, and build a true connection and trust-based partnership with your horse. More info on her site. She carries our book :"The Trick Horse Companion" there in her Golden, CO facility. It's our honor to count her among our colleagues and friends.

Tell Me About That Horse - The Book

A "Must Have" for all horse lovers!

A book for everyone that loves a good story, great photography,
beautiful art, and horses!

"I can't think of another soul who could have produced this book.
Vaughn Wilson is a passionate horseman, skilled photographer, talented painter and the type of interviewer who doesn't get in the way of a good
story. If you like horses and horse people, you'll love this book."
Darrell Dodds, Publisher, Western Horseman Magazine.


Allen Pogue is featured in this beautiful book right between Charlie Daniels and Baxter Black!


Take a preview peek at



Robert M. Miller DVM


Check out Dr. Miller's best selling books including "Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse's Mind" and "Natural Horsemanship Explained" 



"In my previous book, REVOLUTION IN HORSEMANSHIP, which I co-authored with Rick Lamb, I targeted the horse person who was unfamiliar with Natural Horsemanship, those who were familiar with it but disinterested, and those who were opposed to it. In this latest book I am targeting the convert - the believer in Natural Horsemanship, the student, and the clinician who teaches it. I want them to know exactly why and how it works. Understanding its efficacy will reinforce and refine the users' methodology. The horse is a highly intelligent species capable of exceptional communication with the human being, but only if the human has learned HOW to communicate." By Dr. Robert Miller

Joe's best selling book, The Soul of a Horse features a chapter titled "The Big Red Circus Ball" which is devoted to Allen Pogue and his work with foals. 


JOE CAMP is the writer, producer, and director of all the celebrated Benji movies and programs, and the creator of the canine superstar. He is the author of the inspirational memoir Benji & Me,and has also written several children’s books. He lives in California with his wife, Kathleen, his three stepchildren, seven horses, five dogs, and two cats and is a passionate advocate for children and animals.


Equine Studies Institute is a colloquium of friends who share an attitude and approach to horsemanship.  


We work with the person and the horse as a team, seeking to provide information and assistance for your growth in horsemanship. 


Founded by Dr. Deb Bennett, Equine Studies Institute is a wealth of knowledge and help for horsemen and women of all levels from beginner to life-timers.

Preview Vaughn Wilson's new book "Tell me About That Horse". Yes, we have a special reason for asking you to take a peek...our Allen is featured in it and of course, our horses!

Natural Horse World...One Stop DOWN UNDER that you won't want to miss!

We are proud to be associated with 




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