Red Horse Ranch Rough Riders' Club preparation guide
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Download your free copy of the Rough Riders' Club Handbook courtesy of Trail Blazer Magazine.

Red Horse Ranch Rough Riders' Club

Our White Mountain Wilderness trip is scheduled for June 22, 2015. Pleae call or email Sue for questions about course or trip content and information.  


If you are a Rough Rider from a previous season (attended trip) you may be able to waive the prep classes.


The Red Horse Ranch Rough Riders’ Club provides adventurous horse lovers with the unique opportunity to explore local camping/trail venues and to explore the mountains of New Mexico with other folks who enjoy riding and camping.


The Rough Riders' Club has been featured in Trail Blazer Magazine and many regional publications. It is a one of a kind club for this area. Our deep love of nature, horses and the great outdoors, especially the mountains has led us to provide mentoring for others who wish to ride freely in God's country.


We welcome you and your equine partners!


Sue De Laurentis and Kristi Reavis


1.        Develop a functional seat for trail riding and fitness for

           horse and rider


2.        Trailer horses safely-choose the right rig and equipment

           and handle them like a pro


3.        Plan and pack your gear, line tying and feeding away 

           from home


4.        Healthcare for you & your horses and groceries for you


5.        Riding risky terrain inclulding close quarters 


6.        Maps, trail reading & environment including game

           sign, habitat and native plants

7.        Real life situations and "what ifs".

8.        Recap of courses, solving horse and rider problems, 

           getting packed, all of your questions answered  

      Optional title scheduled on request include-

      A ladies' introduction to firearms basics by Beverly Mc Cord

      Emergency medical help for your horse when a clinic is on the other side         of the mountain!


What you'll learn

By participating in the RHR Rough Riders Club  Preparedness Program, you will learn how to:


Ride safely in real life situations on a  variety of terrains, pack for camping & travel with horses, identify proper towing vehicles and equipment, handle a truck and trailer like a pro-including backing up!



Tie and feed your horse while camping, first aid for you and for your horse, handling wilderness emergencies, keep yourself and your horse safe and healthy on the trail, identify native plants and wildlife, read maps, GPS and trail signs.


Have fun with other trail enthusiasts from around the country. 

Rough Riders' Details

The courses are designed to create an independent rider and camper. The Rough Riders Club does not act as a guide or guardian during  trips. The Club is a connection point for riders with a mutual interest. Your registration in the Rough Riders Club, the Club's Preparedness Program courses or individual trips indicates that you are assuming all responsibility for your rig, horse, gear, accompanying minors and yourself. You will be responsible for all health care during the trip.


All riders must be independent and fully capable of controlling their horses for safety of the group. Trips require mounting on the trail and navigating steep mountain trails.


*No Children under 10 years of age. RR Club reserves the right to refuse to take unmprepared riders.


One form for each member, please. 


Send checks to Sue DeLaurentis, 1791 S. Bell Springs Road. 

Make checks payable to: Red Horse Ranch.


Preparedness Program Fees

choose any of the 6 courses at $100.00 each class which includes a Rough Riders' workbook. 


Club fee for final White Mtn. Wilderness trip is $250.00



Course Choices

List course numbers that you would like to attend. Courses dates after May 15,2015 will be scheduled on an individual and make up basis. Our New Mexico trip is in June 2015.  

Please contact us via the email form for a registration form.

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