Friends of Sound Horses


Meet Lady C, a black and white Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse. She's a trick horse and is the ambassador horse for Friends of Sound Horses. Lady C teaches horse lovers all around the world about the kind and gentle training methods that make learning fun and easy.


Friends of Lady C is a club created for members to share the fun of "Enlightened Training" for horses and humans!


Friends of Sound Horses is a club too. FOSH helps humans and horses understand each other better.


Together these organizations can help folks - no matter what age -  make learning fun for other horses. With kindness and patience, the sky is the limit. Horses can learn just about anything they can imagine.


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Lady C
Lady C

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Friends of Sound Horses is an organiztion devoted to fostering shows and new and exciting activities for gaited horse enthusiasts. FOSH is also devoted to ending in our lifetime the abusive practice of soring the Tennessee Walking Horse to achieve an exxagerated gait or way of going for horse shows.


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Visten Chronicles

Visten is a Tennessee Walking Horse that had a rough start in life and was rescued by members of Friends of Sound Horses in early 2009. His course and luck changed drastically though as God smiled down on him and he was cast in the midst of not just a few caring humans but suddenly hundreds of them.


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Visten and best friend, Boullet (Missouri Fox Trotter) will appear at the Sound Horse Conference in November of 2010 as up and coming exhibition horses. 


These photos depict some of the training that Visten and Boullet have been going through at Red Horse Ranch.   


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